TRESemmé Split Remedy Product Review

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recently I had a chance to try out a few TREsemme Split Remedy products. This particular line is focused on repairing those pesky split ends. To be honest, I am extremely lazy when it comes to hair maintenance.  Aside from the usual shampoo,condition, rinse, and towel dry, I don't really do anything else to my hair. The whole idea of serums, deep conditioners, and styling products are all new to me.  Thus, I was ecstatic to find out that there are products out there dedicated to fixing split ends without breaking my wallet.

The first product I immediately tried was the Split End Sealing Serum.  It is a clear gel serum designed to bind split ends and keep hair looking healthy.  The serum is light weight and leaves my hair nice and silky.  I'm also fond of its lovely fragrance.

The next 2 products are the Leave-In Split End Conditioning Treatment and the Leave-In Conditioning Spray.  I am particularly fond of the conditioning treatment because not only does it smells good, it also leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth.  This is a milky white conditioner but goes on clear.  I only apply this from the midsection to the tip of my hair.  It doesn't leave my hair looking oily or limp, which is pretty awesome.

The Leave-In Conditioning Spray goes on pretty easy and helps de-tangle my frizzy long hair.  I have the toughest time trying to run a comb through all the knots so this product makes my morning routine much easier.

Overall, I enjoy using the Tresemme Split Remedy line.  The 3 products above help keep my hair looking soft, silky, and smooth without all the fuss and hassle.  With only 1 additional step to my normal routine, it's definitely worth it.  I also like how much product you get at such an affordable price point. Since the serum, leave-in conditioner, and leave-in conditioning spray perform different tasks, I usually only use 1 product at a time.You can find these products at the local drugstores.

NEW Split Remedy, from TRESemmé, repairs up to 80% of split ends in just three uses.  with continued use, repairs further damage as it occurs.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by TRESemmé via Glam Media. The  opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions  or positions of TRESemmé.


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I'd like to try these. I've had positive experience with Treseme shampoo.

Maleny Medina said...

It didn't work for me :(

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