Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio Collection Swatches and Review

Monday, March 19, 2012

Laura Mercier recently launched the Custom Artist Portfolio Collection this past weekend. Despite the rainy and windy weather, the mall was surprisingly packed with shoppers trying to get the Triple Point Bonus at Nordstrom. I had to fight the crowd to take a quick photo of the collection and some preliminary swatches to share with you.

There are 3 new limited edition Sheer Creme Colors in Bronze Veil, Pink Cheek Veil, and Pearl Glow Veil. They retail for $22USD and are created to highlight your cupid's bow, cheekbones, and other high points of your face.  The texture of these Sheer Creme Colors are wickedly strange.  They feel like a cream when I touch them in the pan but the actual finish on the skin is a really smooth powder. 

There are also 5 new Second Skin Cheek Colors ($24USD) but I saw only 3 at the counter - Sweet Mandarin, Soft Iris, and Heather Pink.  These are matte powder blushes with the exception of Sweet Mandarin, which has gold shimmers.

Three new limited edition lip glazes ($20USD) in Plum, Lotus Pink, and Soft Pink also made their debut in this collection.  Although I'm not a huge fan of lipglosses in pots or pans, I absolutely love these.  I did not have a chance to try them on my lips but they did not feel super sticky on my fingers.

Soft Pink and Lotus Pink caught me by surprise. I think both will look great as MLBB shades, especially Soft Pink.  The shades are all pigmented, beautiful, and have a pretty little glossy sheen to them.

Last but not least, there are 3 limited edition eye color ($22USD) shades in Golden Creme Luster, Seashell Pink Sateen, and Merlot Sateen. I wasn't able to get swatches for me since the crowd was getting a bit out of control at the counter.

Overall, another great collection from Laura Mercier.  I'm a huge fan of natural soft pink/peachy shades so this collection is right up my aisle.  As for my favorites, I have to say Soft Pink and Lotus Pink Lip Glazes are definitely on top of the list.

Bottom Line: Check out the new limited edition Sheer Creme Colors. You will find the texture quite surprising and fun.  The lip glazes are all limited edition with great pigmentation.  Violet blush fiends may love Soft Iris while peachy pink lovers will gravitate towards Sweet Mandarin. 

What are your picks from this collection?  Anything tickle your fancy?


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Plum is such a beautiful lip color. I am a huge fan of berry colors! :)

Eden-Avalon said...

Oooh Pink Cheek Veil.....looooovely~

Anonymous said...

thanks for the swatches!!! L<3ve your Blog
and what is your favorite (new blush) ?

Kristie said...

Hi Anon - Thank you! My favorite would have to be a cross between Heather Pink and Soft Iris. I wish I could try these on my cheeks to provide a better idea of how they look. Will definitely update when I get a chance to play with these.

Mylinda said...

I feel like going back for a lip glaze now. They are sheer and I never seem to use the ones I have (in old palettes) but I tried on Lotus Pink. So pretty!

Replica said...

Thanks for posting about these, there is a lot there that I like the look of. These have not hit our stores yet, so I'll best start saving now :)

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