Stila Make Me Blush Palette Swatches and Review

Monday, January 31, 2011

Stila is a brand that I've often seen sold at Sephora and Costco.  I have never been tempted to pick up anything from them until I saw the Make Me Blush Palette.  Inspired by valentine's conversation hearts, this is a multi-color blush retailing for a super affordable price of $14USD.

It is a 0.34oz blush which weighs only 0.1oz less compared to MAC's Marine Life Highlighter. The blush comes in a very simple cardboard box that's quite sturdy. You can find the ingredients listed on the back for consideration. For those of you who are allergic to talc and dimethicone, this might not be for you. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick: Boy Swatches and Review

Saturday, January 29, 2011

This coming April 2011, Chanel will release a new line of lipsticks called Rouge Coco Shine with 25 different shades. Each lipstick retails for $32USD. These are sheerer compared to Rouge Allures and Rouge Coco but apply slightly glossier.  The promo images below are from Bella Sugar.  Please visit here for more exclusive promotional images.

 The Rouge Coco Shine's packaging is the same as Rouge Coco's formula.  It is in a glossy black tube with a clicking sound when you close the cap.  The most noticeable difference is the shape of the lipstick.  These look very similar to MAC's Slimshines which have been discontinued.

Out of the 25 shades, Nordstrom exclusively carries Boy, which will be released on 2/10 for a Valentines Day special sale.  The rest of the shades will be released in April.  Boy has been the talk of the town for quite some time since the announcement of Rouge Coco Shine's release.  Luckily my local counter will be carrying this exclusive shade and had a tester out for swatches!

The shade is a glossy pink rose  with subtle shimmer that's not all that sheer as shown above. I swiped once on the left and twice on the right.  I guess you can say it's sheer in comparison with Rouge Cocos and Rouge Allures, but it's definitely much better in texture compared to the Aqualumieres. This particular shade felt like a balm on the lips and provided a beautiful glossy effect.  I will say this is probably better for pigmented lips because it looked very rosy on me, but rather sheer and muted on the SA's lips. 

Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks also have a strong rose fragrance similar to RAs and RCs.  You will smell it right away but the scent dissipates quickly after application.  It felt very smooth on my lips and lasted for a good 3-4 hrs without eating or drinking.  

Overall, I like the texture and pigmentation of the lipstick but do wish the staying power was a little better.  The shade is beautiful but reminds me of a lighter, glossier version of Rouge Coco's Mademoiselle. Is it a must have?  Yes, if you like semi-sheer, glossy lipsticks that provide just the right amt of pigmentation.  If you're looking for bold, opaque, matte finishes with long wear time, this will not be as fitting.

To get your very own Boy on 2/10, call your local counters to do a pre-sale.  After 2/10, they will not be released again until April. To see a complete list of stores offering this shade, head on over to Amy's blog at Cafemakeup. She has them all listed! 

You can see my post on dupes and comparisons of Boy here.

Does Boy have your heart skipping a beat?

Sephora Hello Kitty Hand Held Mirror Review

Sunday, January 23, 2011

There are 3 mirrors offered in the Hello Kitty line at Sephora.  One of them is the hand held mirror retailing for $35USD.  It is a shiny metallic mirror in the shape of Hello Kitty's head.  I was really excited to see this since I've been needing a hand held mirror for quite some time.  It was simply the perfect opportunity! Who can turn down this beauty?

The packaging is white with a large metallic-like large Hello Kitty face and numerous small faces in the background.  This is consistent thorough the entire collection.

The length is 10 inches, 6.5 inches at its widest point, and the mirror is a 5.5 inch oval shape.  It is also manufactured in China. 

Sephora Hello Kitty Perfume Review

Friday, January 21, 2011

Whenever I think of Hello Kitty, I'm reminded of my giddy 10-year old inner child.  Sure I don't have a room plastered with Hello Kitty apparel, plush dolls, or even stickers, but there's just something about her that's hard to resist.  Maybe it's the reminiscent of my childhood that gets me so excited about Sephora's newest collaboration with the most adored kitty of all time. 

When I first got the Beauty Insider invitation, I visited the website pretty late and everything was sold out.  Given that I didn't really care for the makeup, my heart dropped when the mirrors and fragrances were also gone.  Fortunately Sephora was doing a sneak peek at the time and the collection is now back online.  So when I got the 2nd notification, I was quicker than Speedy Gonzales and immediately placed my order to avoid the same fiasco from last time. My order finally arrived at night and I was more than ecstatic to play with the items.  I will review the perfume first and other products in subsequent posts.

MAC Wonder Woman Collection Sneak Preview

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MAC has been releasing a slew of collections since December of last year.  Talk about 2-3 collections within the same week! Those of you who are comic fans may be excited about the upcoming release of Wonder Woman.  She is a heroine created by William Marston from DC Comics in 1941. Some of her powers include "superhuman strength, flight, super-speed, super-stamina, and super-agility". I can definitely understand why MAC chose her for this collaboration.  She's certainly the definition of today's working women and mothers.

                                                                       photo credit

You can see a sneak peek preview of the packaging and some products here, shared by ckyyyyy on Livejournal. Some swatches can also be found HERE from URCOSME.

I'm not particularly blown away by the packaging or products but we'll have to see come launch date!

What's on your list from WW? 

Guerlain Spring 2011 Collection Swatches and Review

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm sure you all have heard quite a bit about Guerlain's Spring 2011 Collection from various blogs, including my own focusing mostly on the Blush G Serie Noire.  Since the collection is finally available at most counters, I went to check it out to satisfy my own curiosity.  Here I share with you swatches and review on the remaining products! Stock image courtesy of Nordstrom website.

Those who follow me on twitter may remember the picture below that was posted last week.

Chanel Flamboyant Rouge Allure and Peregrina Rouge Coco Swatches and Review

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flamboyant Rouge Allure and Peregrina Rouge Coco are the other 2 lipsticks released in Chanel's Spring 2010 Collection.  I believe Peregrina is worn by the model in the advertisement.  The two lipsticks are completely different from each other in terms of texture and shade range. They both retail at an increased price of $32USD since the start of 2011. Those of you who purchased it during Christmas only paid $30USD.  They are now available on Chanel's website, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Macy's.

Guerlain Spring 2011: Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire Swatches and Review

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In comparison with most of its competitors, Guerlain is undoubtedly one of the most creative cosmetics brand for beautiful and innovative packaging.  This spring is no exception with Guerlain's beautiful limited edition collection all wrapped in glossy black.  Guerlain moved away from the usual silver color into a mysterious black, which I assume stands for "secrets".  The Spring Collection is named Sur Mes Levres which means "on my lips".  There is also a french movie with the same name.  One of the star items in Sur Mes Levres is the Blush G Serie Noire, Secret de Bonne Mine, "Secrets to a healthy glow".  This retails for $67USD at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Blush G Serie Noire's packaging is heavier compared to most blushes I've come across.  There is a total of 8g, 0.28oz of product so the weight comes mostly from the deluxe packaging.