Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Swatches and Review Part II

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Although I'm a neutral color lover, I wanted to try out Wet N Wild's bolder blue, green, purple, and black shades.  For those interested in seeing the lighter, more nude colors, see my previous swatches and review here. The other 4 trios I picked up at Walgreens also retail at $2.99USD each.

Each palette contains 3 colors designed for easy application for browbone, crease, and eyelid.  There is an illustration in the back of where the colors should be deposited on the eye.  This is very helpful for makeup beginners who are unsure of what each terms means.

First up is I'm Feeling Retro, which consists of a frosty white, aqua blue, and purple pink.  You can see each color is marked with corresponding areas for the eye.   The palettes also come with a sponge tip applicator and a tiny brush.  They all come in very simple black plastic with a top clear cover.

First 2 swipes of  I'm Feeling Retro shows that the colors are nicely pigmented.  The browbone color is always the lightest.  All three shades have subtle shimmer with a  frosty finish, but this trio is unique in that 2/3 are duo chrome shades.

Here they are on the back of my hand.  The purple pink duo-chrome is similar to MAC's Stars N Rockets eyeshadow. The crease is a blue-aqua duo chrome shade.  I wouldn't necessarily use the stark white color for the browbone but it'll be a nice inner-eye-corner highlight.  I have no complaints about this trio since the colors are beautiful. 

On Cloud Nine is unique because it contains a matte crease color compared to all the trios I picked up.  It consists of a pale blue, matte brown, and dark blue shade.

With 2 swipes on each color, the browbone shade is slightly chalky and powdery. 

I'm not particularly wowed by this trio but the colors are subtle enough for a blue-brown combo without looking over the top.  Again, I wouldn't use the light blue color on the brow bone but more in the inner corner of the eye.

Cool As Cucumber is distinctly different from all the other palettes because it's the only green trio that I saw.  It contains a light green, dark purple, and dark green shade.

The browbone color is quite lovely but again, more chalky and powdery compared to the other 2 shades. I absolutely love the purple and dark green shade in this trio.  They are soft in texture and nicely pigmented.

This trio creates such a beautiful green/purple color combo when put to use.  I would have to say this is one of my favorite palettes from the line. I used the dark green on the lid and smudged the purple on the outer crease.
I Got Good Jeans contains a frosty medium blue, dark blue, and frosty gold shade.

This is another incredibly beautiful trio that I cannot find any faults in.  All three shades are highly pigmented with very nice texture.

I don't really think I've seen a gold shade similar to this trio under a $15USD price tag.  The blue shade is similar to a dark version of MAC's Deep Truth.

Overall, I will say that Wet N Wild truly impressed me with the quality and affordability of these eyeshadow trios.  The $2.99USD price tag is difficult to turn down for these beauties.  To my surprise, I like the bolder color trios much more compared to the neutral ones.  My absolute favorites are I Got Good Jeans and Cool As A Cucumber.  Some of the browbone shades are chalky in a swatch but much easier to work with on the lid.  I have been using these trios since the past week and are slowly falling in love with them.

One thing to definitely consider is the overall finish of these colors on the lid.  The darker shades (blues, greens, purples) are very pigmented and distinct even when layered.  I didn't have a problem with these 4 compared to the neutrals when it comes to a lack of distinction between the shades after blending.  There is no dominant shade after I combine the green/purple or blue/gold. 

Bottom line, I highly recommend checking these out at your local counter, especially for those who are on a budget or are new to makeup.  I'm sure bold color lovers will find these right up their aisle.  

Which trio is your favorite from this set?


MUA said...

The darkest green (Cool as a cucumber) is a dupe for MAC humid...I only own that trio as the new ones are not yet available in Canada...But it is a very convincing preview of the quality of the "spring" collection. that plum color is amazing for the crease and the pale green is stunning as an all over the lid color...I ordered the 8 pan-palettes from ebay...they are very good too...I can't believe this is drugstore products (yes I am a make up snob !)

Caro xxx

Diane said...

I have never owned any Wet N Wild products but you almost have me sold on the 'I Got Good Jeans' (I think it's the gold that caught me.) Do you think it's something I have to try out?

Leah ♥ said...

I love that Cucumber trio, Im so attracted to dark greens and purples and buy them but never wear them lol. Sad thing is, I realize that and Im still probably gonna pick it up lol

great post!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I recently bought some of these from their new spring collection. I love them. They are soo smooth and pigmented and definitely a bargain with their super low price. I can't wait to see what else Wet n Wild comes out with!

the Honey B said...

honestly? loving ALL these palettes!!! what a steal!

Kristie said...

MUA - Caro, thanks for the reminder on Humid. I too am a makeup snob but love these a lot more than expected.

Diane - I think it's a great palette for $2.99. It won't break your wallet so I'm going to be an enabler and say yes, try it ;)

Leah - haha you and me both. I love green and plum/purples. I can never have enough of them.

FunnyFaceBeauty - Definitely! I can't wait for other palettes from them.

the Honey B - yes they are! Will you be picking any up?

Dizzy said...

All of these palettes looks nice!

Wish I Was Audrey said...

I'm a little intimidated by them, especially knowing how pigmented they are. I'd love to see someone do an everyday look with I Got Good Jeans though!

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