NARS Illuminator Photos and More Swatches: Super Orgasm, Laguna, Copacabana

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I placed myself on a waiting list at Sephora to make sure I get first dibs when they arrive. Lo and behold, they arrived much earlier than expected so I can now share with you the 3 new NARS Illuminators!  Please call your local Sephora counters as some of them may have them available now.  See my review of these here.

Here are the ingredients listed.  I just realized it may have Bismuth Oxychloride, which is a big no no for acne- prone skin like myself.  Hopefully these won't break me out.

Here are Super Orgasm, Laguna, and Copacabana in their new packaging.

The back shows the weight of 1.1oz, the same as the old packaging.  These are short stubby squeeze tubes that are rather sturdy. Similar to liquid foundation, I believe these also separate so please shake them well before dispensing.  It will help re-distribute the shimmer throughout so you don't get a glitter bomb effect.

Slightly squeeze the tube and you'll get a small drop of product.  With these illuminators, you don't need to use very much.  Start off small and add more as needed.  A little truly goes a long way with these.

Here's the dispenser up close:

Last but not least, a couple more swatches for your viewing pleasure.

Lightly squeezed on the tube and the little pea size drop is what you get as shown below.

Once dried, these don't budge or have crazy shimmer migration.


Popcorn said...

these colors look AMAZINGG~~~ I'm looking forward to trying out the super orgasm one. ^.^

Diane said...

The colors are so pretty. I'm not a huge NARS fan but these have me wanting to give NARS another chance.

Jane said...

These are on my wish list! They look so pretty but I need to see them used I think before I purchase. Seems a little strange to have liquid bronzer. But I love liquid products so defo wanting to give it a go


kali said...

Omg so pretty! Gread review. Want one or two but don't think I NEED them.. =( I have too many products that I don't use already. How long do they last on your skin?

The Ultimate Makeup said...

OMG lucky girl! Can't wait to read your thoughts on them!

25FLONDON said...

They look interesting! It's got me thinking that I wouldn't mind getting a liquid bronzer, maybe without so much shimmer!

Dizzy said...

Beautiful! Love super orgasm!

Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

OMG!!! I need Laguna bad! Love your pictures & swatches

Sabrina said...

I need Laguna in my life right now! Too bad I just told my husband that I wasn't going to buy anymore makeup for a while... Does 3 days count as a while?! Thanks for the swatches

PinkOrchids said...

Really gorgeous!! Really stupid question, but what does Illuminator's do?? Are they cream blushes? xX

MEOW said...

such pretty colors~ could you show us how it looks like all blended out? or is it hard to catch a photo of it?

resham said...

These look SOOOO pretty....:)

Kristie said...

Popcorn - They sure are pretty! Can't wait for your thoughts on Super Orgasm.

Diane - woo let's see if I'm successful in enabling you ;)

Jane - I'm with you. I never wear bronzer but Laguna is the bomb!

kali - I think Laguna is the best one out of the 3 shades. On my cheeks set with powder, they last a good 6-7 hrs without fading.

The Ultimate Makeup - thanks. Have you had a chance to see my previous post on these? I have a prelim review on them!

25FLONDON - Laguna definitely will not be a glitter bomb.

Dizzy - are you picking it up?

Nikkia (Silver Lips) - thanks! I know I'm enabling you. LOL.

Sabrina - 3 days?!?! That's too long girl. LOL j/k.

PinkOrchids - illuminators are like sheer highlighters in liquid form you can use to create this subtle inner glow. Laguna on my NC25-30 skin is more of a buildable bronzer, Copacabana is a highlighter, and Super Orgasm is just a glitter mess.

MEOW - The previous post to this one has more sheered out swatches. Hopefully that's helpful for you. Laguna is a sheer but buildable bronzer, Copacabana is a shimmery cool tone light pink/silver, and Super Orgasm sheered out leaves only gold shimmer with barely a hint of pink. Let me know if you need more information!

resham - Is Copacabana calling your name? ;)

devin olivia said...

love the colors I really want to try it =)

pinkribbons said...

I want to give all three of these a go. Super orgasm looks really pretty, I can tell Laguna and Copacabana will be amazing sheered out.

Rinz said...

i am getting the illuminator too!!! :D

Fancy Wings said...

great swatch pictures!! what camera do you use? do you use a macro lens?

Kristie said...

Fancy Wings - thanks. I'm currently not using a macro lens. I'm using a Canon 40D with 50mm lens.

Replica said...

Thanks so much for posting the ingredients as well as I had been trying to find these. Bismuth Oxychloride can often make me itchy but I might had to risk it ;)

Nat said...

Fantastic swatches! I use Copacabana multiple but think I'll be giving the liquid version a try when it runs out. Love your blog and have followed! x

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