Urban Decay Naked Palette Swatches and Review

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The first time I saw Urban Decay's Naked Palette was at IMATS Los Angeles last year.  It wasn't until a month or 2 later that this hit the market. My twitter buddies know I was pretty much ignoring the hype around this as it rapidly flew off  the shelves. One day, the local Macy's counter had it in stock and I had a gift certificate.  This was simply a good opportunity to figure out why it is such a coveted item in the beauty community.

The palette retails for $44USD and is available (when re-stocked) on Urban Decay's website, Sephora, Ulta, and UD counters at Macy's.  The palette is covered with a brown velvet that houses 12 eyeshadows and two mini 24/7 eyeliners.  I like how the packaging is not bulky and convenient to pack for travel. The UD mini eye primer comes with the palette but is not placed inside.

 I love the included mirror so we can apply it on the go but there are no mini sponges/brushes included.

Here it is again in direct sunlight:

The 12 eyeshadows included are: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal. It is a good mixture of satin and shimmer finishes for neutral lovers. Another great feature is that the name of each are printed right below, so you don't have to search the back of the box to find out. 

Here are swatches of all 12 on my arms with indoor lighting:

Virgin is a pearl white that's good to use as a highlighter in the corner of the eyes or brow bone.
Sin is a frosty beige pink. It's best to use as an all over wash rather than a highlight due to the pink undertone.
Naked is a beige that applies like a satin finish.  I really like this color as a simple wash over the lids.
Sidecar is a shimmery taupe with quite a bit of fallout if you don't have a good base.

Buck is a mid-brown that took quite a few swipes to get some pigmentation.  I find this more of a matte as opposed to a satin finish.
Half Baked is another shimmery fallout golden/coral brown color.  It was my least favorite out of the bunch. 
Smog is a shimmery brown that wasn't as fussy.  This is a good crease or mid-lid color.
Darkhorse is a darker brown with shimmer that has some fall out but not too terrible. Definitely a good crease color.

Toasted is a taupe with pink undertone.  I like this color for mid lid and it wasn't fussy to apply.
Hustle is a brown with slight purple undertone. You can't see this up close but in several shots, I can see the violet shine through at certain angles. Not sure if anyone else sees this or it might just be my eyes playing tricks on me. 
Creep is a black with shimmer that interestingly doesn't swatch all that intense.
Gunmetal is a grey black which tons of shimmer.  I was so attracted to this color at first but am disappointed with the fallout.

All of the swatches took more than 2 swipes, and some requiring even 6-7.  When applying these with a 239 brush, they do go on more intense. 

After numerous uses of this palette, I think it's a good deal considering how much you get for the cost.  The color range is excellent for neutral lovers.  I still have issues with fallout from the shimmery shades during application and especially while blending.  Therefore, I like it but I'm not in love with it as others may be.  If you like to use a lot of the glittery shades, do pack them on instead of sweeping, which will cause major fallout. I do wish UD would include a matte or satin finish highlighter for the brow bone other than Virgin but it's a minor personal preference.

Due to its popularity, the Naked Palette is always sold out.  However, if you're set on trying to grab one, I would highly recommend visiting Ulta regularly and UD counters at Macy's.  Although they will ask you to put your name on a waiting list, it's always a first come, first serve basis.  I know Macy's get shipments so if you come in when they receive it, they will sell them to you even if you're not on the waiting list.

Have you picked up the Naked Palette yet? What are your thoughts?


kali said...

My bf got me one awhile back and I still love it! The only shade I don't really use is Sidecar because it's so glittery! =O

Keirasluckycharm said...

I'm probably the only one left on earth who doesn't own this pallete lol. I saw it in stock at Ulta about a month ago but didn't give in. I went back to Ulta yesterday and walked by and zero left. I just refuse to buy it since I have tons of neutrals from Mac... But I do love it. Thanks for reviewing, <3 it.

the Honey B said...

i really love this palette because I'm such a neutral lover but like you, hate the fall out of the glitter bomb shades like Sidecar. I love the range of colors this palette gives you- day and night time looks, and my favorite shades are the matte ones like Buck and Naked.
Great review! =]

LittoMokaa said...

When it just came out, I ignored it too but now I want it so badly! LOL! I've been checking Sephora's website everyday to hope that it would in-stock but no chance :( They said they would have more in-stock in december so I hope I would be fast enough to click on it haha!

pinkribbons said...

Yay your review is up, I'm happy that I've got this palette too but do i love it? Hmmm...maybe not as much as I thought I would.

Lene said...

The swatches look so great! Really want Urban Decay to be sold in The Netherlands!

Kristie said...

kali - oh yea, I remember. You got this way back when I insisted on skipping it. LOL.

Keirasluckycharm - I know how you feel. I too have lots of MAC neutrals so I didn't want to pick this up at first as well.

the Honey B - It is indeed a versatile palette for us neutral lovers!

LittoMokaa - awww. I hope you get it soon!

pinkribbons - I remember you were so happy to get it. What happened? Is the fallout making you unhappy?

Lene - Sorry to hear. Hopefully someone can do a custom purchase for you in Canada or US.

Dizzy said...

I like your honesty, but I love the glitter and shimmer of urban decay shadows, even though it’s a pain to deal with at times. The key is the application and it also helps if you apply the shadows wet.

Tammy said...

I was actually at Sephora looking for this today too. Apparently they won't be getting more stock in till January :( I think in Canada it retails for $55? I wish I could see it in person to play with but as it is, I'm just mourning over the lack of stock as though I'm missing out on the world...sigh!

Rinz said...

i really wanted to buy this but hmmm most of them are natural and my skin color is tanned ? =/

Diane said...

This palette is my first UD product ever. I like it too but it's not "love". I agree with you about the matte colors, I can't pull off silver/grey colors so I would have liked if they ditched Gunmetal and Creep and maybe added another matte color or two. Other than that, I think it's a good palette very useable.

gingerSnap said...

Nice palette and the swatches as well. Btw, thank you very much.


you're right about the matte finish highlight! (although i love using sin as my highlight and inner corner) but for days that i don't wanna be all shimmery i would like to have another option of a matte highlight as well!

great post girlie!




omg diana ditch gunmetal!? are you mad! haha thats my fav girl!

Hailey said...

Love all the colors! Bobbi Brown Neutral Palette is a good one too.

Pinch said...

I think this is a wonderful palette to get, especially for people who don't own a lot of neutrals. Personally I was just fed up with all of the hype surrounding it I just didn't bother back when I had the chance :)

PinkOrchids said...

Wow, as i flicked through your pics i kept thinking "hmm i like sidecar, oh no wait this one is better, no ooo this is nice!" I think i love all the browny colours! I'm so gonna but this!!

resham said...

I miss this NOT having this Palette...My ULTA asked me to try by 2nd week of December...Fingers Crossed...

♥sormui♥ said...

Thx for dropping by my blog!

I wish I picked this up >< now its all gone!
Looks like a great travel palette!

coffretgorge said...

im so happy that this palette does not appeal to me in any way. because i have no access to it! LOL :P

im glad i have someone i can share this "neutral" sentiment with. heehee :D

sorry for missing out on some posts Kristie! I'll make it up to you soon!

RYC, i think i have tried honeymoon dessert before! i'll make sure i try it again next time im in HKG! im back in the Philippines now. how have you been? :)

Blusherine said...

Oh I am so envious!! I am dying to get my hands on this palette! You made exceptionally great swatches, really, Temptalia-style!

WillWorkForMakeup said...

I love the Naked palette and I have to say that your swatches look perfect! Were you the one who tweeted something about how the MUA was like, "Have you been dying to get your hands on this?" and you said, "Not really?" or was that someone else I'm thinking of? Either way, too funny :)

Kristie said...

Dizzy - It's definitely different preferences from person to person. I personally don't like to work with fussy fallout colors. It's a good palette though!

Tammy - Hope you get it soon!

Rinz - I think it will still work well for your skin. Neutral colors won't clash with tanned skin.

Diane - wow your first UD product! You and I have similar opinions about this palette ;) Maybe one day UD will entertain adding more matte highlighters for us.

gingerSnap - you're welcome and thanks for visiting/commenting!

BEAUTIFULL - LOL. You're so funny. I can see why you love Gunmetal since it's a gorgeous color in the pan. I do wish it didn't have fallout though!

Hailey - Thanks for the suggestion. Bobbi Brown is the queen of nudes and their shades are less shimmery compared to UD colors.

Pinch - It's certainly a good palette for starters or even makeup collectors who love neutrals. I still don't understand why they still have shortages!

PinkOrchids - haha uh oh, I got your lemmings going. Hopefully you can grab them when they're back in stock.

resham - good luck!!

♥sormui♥ - I'm sure they'll re-stock the palette again since it is permanent. Best of luck in grabbing one :)

coffretgorge - I've been doing good and super busy lately! Looks like you had a really fun time in HKG. It would be super cool if we can meet up there one of these days.

Blusherine - thanks! I hope UD makes more of these so they're not always out of stock. Let me know when you grab one :)

WillWorkForMakeup - LOL yes, that was me. You have such a good memory! The MUA gave me such a dirty look when I told him that. I was being honest but guess I shouldn't have said it out loud :)

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

Still trying to find it here in Canada. Sold out EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME.

Miss Tiff said...

I really wanted the UD Naked Palette. They don't sell it in australia and it's so overpriced on amazon.com. I ended up winning the bid on eBay for $80 not including shipping. :( Blahhh! That's what I get for being impatient but I definitely hope it's worth the price that I paid. Excellent swatches. And I love this post because it's so informative.

Marcy said...



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