Chanel: Les Deux Levres Scintillantes Glossimer Duo Swatches and Review

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Before I became a Chanel cosmetics fan, I had always been curious about their enticing Holiday Value Sets.  Last year's Glossimer Duo was $1USD cheaper and had bright, super fun colors.  I distinctly remember looking at it and pondering whether or not they are worth the money.  In fact, I figured no one was going to purchase these - I mean, how many Chanel fans can there possibly be?? Well by the time I made up my mind, it was sold out everywhere (online, Nordstrom, Saks, Nieman Marcus, Bergdoff Goodman).  I became a desperate woman, dragging my DH to every single store in search of this item.

Needless to say, when this popped up online this year, I snatched it up without reservation.  I'm going to be frank and admit: I LOVE Chanel glossimers.  I think they are hands down one of, if not, the best lipglosses in the industry.  They are not sticky, do not reek of fragrance, and are so flattering both by themselves or layered over a lipstick.  So if you ask me whether or not you need this set, my answer will be a biased yes.

This year's set retails for $51USD and comes with a full size Muscat Glossimer, Wild Rose Glossimer, a Chanel sharpener, black glossy bag, and a deluxe size lip pencil in Nude.

Following the gold theme for this year, both the box and the Chanel cosmetics bag zipper is gold. I am quite fond of this bag as it's oh so glossy and chic.

Inside the cosmetics bag are the lip products house in a very interesting foam packaging.  One side of the black foam has the 2 glossimers has shown below:

Wild Rose is the rosy pink glossimer and the lighter pink is Muscat.

On the other side of the same foam package are the sharpener and the lip pencil in Nude.

Both of the sharpener and lip pencil have the gold Chanel brand printed on them.  The sharpener is made in Germany and I believe the pencil is from France.

This is how the packaging looks like on the side.  It reminds me a lot of a blackboard eraser for some reason. I think this is due to the thick foam on both sides!

Nude lip pencil is a bit mis-leading because the color is far from "nude".  It is a dark rose with a tad of brown in the swatch.  However, when I used this to line my lips before applying Wild Rose, it becomes this medium rose that's quite flattering.  The gloss goes on opaque and does not feel drying.

Muscat Glossimer is a rather complex color to photograph.  In the tube, it looks like a light pink with shimmer.  On my hand, it is a sheer pale beige with shimmer. On the lips, I get a beige-pink because of the medium pink shimmer in the gloss.  I like this best paired with Nude lip pencil or with any pink lipstick.  By itself, you get a slight nude pink lip.  This color is a re-promote from Nordstrom's Anniversary sale.

Wild Rose Glossimer is right up my alley.  It's a soft rosy muted MLBB color with silver shimmer.  This color can be used by itself or on top of the Nude lip pencil.  The color is flattering with a smokey or neutral eye combo.

Overall, I think this is a great holiday set.  Each individual glossimer costs $27USD so you're already saving $3USD with this set, and you get the pouch + lip pencil + sharpener.  For those who are deal seekers like myself who took advantage of Sak's 10% cosmetics sale, the set comes out to be $45.90USD.  Do the math and you'll end up paying $22.95USD for each full size glossimer + the extra goodies.  I think it's an awesome deal for Chanel glossimer fans like myself.  I do recommend checking this out at your local Chanel counters (Nordstrom, Saks Fifth, Nieman Marcus, Macys, Bergdoff Goodman) and at least try on the colors before they all disappear.

Have you tried Chanel Glossimers before?  What's your HG lipgloss?


Penelope said...

love the cute little bag it comes in!

LittoMokaa said...

Omg the gloss is gorgeous! SO shinyy!! I love the puch too! Very elegant :D

Renee said...

I have a question - a had a Chanel gloss about 5 years ago and the consistency put me off for the longest time, it bled and smudged all over the lip area and the shimmer seemed to travel everywhere on my face, I would expect it from a drugstore gloss, but definitely not from Chanel. Please, tell me they are better now, the set is soo hard to resist

jbrobeck said...

This set looks great, I purchaed the le vernis set as soon as I saw it and I must say I LOVE the bag!

coffretgorge said...

wild rose is beautiful! its right up my alley too! hahaha!

the NARS palette is good, it was only the Orgasm multiple that disappointed me. ;)

Kristie said...

Renee - sorry to hear about your terrible experience with the glossimer! Ever since I started purchasing and using these, I've never had a bleeding or smudging problem. Albeit, I usually purchase light colors (rose, pinks) so no issues there. I can't imagine the darker colors having the same problem either. I would recommend checking this out in person if you can before purchasing just to make sure since everyone's preferences are different.

Renee said...

Well a bleeding gloss is not something that can be different on different people, this means they got a new formula! yay! looks like I've just got a new item for Christmas wish-list front raw :)
thank you-thank you- thank you, Kristie! :)

Rakhshanda said...

Wowwww all the shades are lovely but wild rose is the best!!! Lovely blog...Try checking out mine.

Dina (XYYan) said...

The cosmetic bag is really pretty!! The nude lip liner doesn't look nude at all! LOL, that's really misleading :D

the Honey B said...

i'm getting this for my birthday- i have already decided!!! great post! thanks for feeding my Chanel addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

Tammy said...

Wild Rose looks so pretty :)

resham said...

Wild rose and the BAG alone are worth the money...The lighter color wud never show on my pigmented lips though...lOve this!!!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

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Diane said...

Hi Kristie, it's weird I saw this in Nordstroms the other day but didn't think the colors were all that great, I didn't even swatch them. But now seeing them again plus swatches I realize how pretty they both are! I love Muscat.

I think beside online Lipstick Queen is only available in Bloomingdales at the SpaceNK counter, and the Barneys in Beverly Hills.

Ansa said...

Absoultely love muscat. Gorgeous color.

Pinch said...

Never tried the Chanel glosses, but I really want to. Next time I go travelling perhaps!

This gift set looks absolutely wonderful :)

Lady Gabby said...

Got this for Christmas. I must say that I love the glosses but the liner doesn't float my boat...I just don't have a practiced hand with the stuff.

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